Saturday, January 02, 2010

I Need Help!

So what do ya'll think of this rug for my future dining room? I am obsessed with all that is black and white and would really like to have a room that has black and white accents. Adam and I found this rug and I thought it would be perfect for the dining room. My thoughts are to paint 3 walls a light grey and then the one wall with the french doors into the office a dark grey. That will look really nice with the white moulding.

And then I was thinking some pretty black and black and white accents would like awesome. Maybe some black and white framed photos on the walls?

And just for a little color, I am thinking a red table cloth and/or a black and white photo with maybe a red rose in it.

I really like only black and white, but I think that may look a little stark in our house. Especially a really old house. But the grey softens it up a bit. I think?

Thought you may need a reminder about the dining room. This is an old picture. I am thinking these walls would be the light grey.

And the wall with the french doors would be dark grey.

I also love anything in a damask pattern (black and white of course) so I thought these would fit nicely in the room! They happen to be at Bed Bath and I don't doubt they will end up on our registry.

This is just a photo I found on Google images, but you get the idea.

And maybe a tall black or black/white vase on the floor with some white sticks or something sticking out.

SOOOOO???? Tell me what you think!