Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Recipe: Mini Gilled Cheese Appetizers!

Here it finally is!

I made these yummy salty cheesy snacks when we went to Erin's for the Glee party and I promised everyone the recipe. I don't think to make them very often...in fact it had been about a year. When Erin and Katie requested them, I couldn't say no!

They are actually pretty easy to make. You just have to shop early because the ingredients are not always easy to find.

Sadly I didn't take a picture of them for you. But if you haven't tasted them and you love bread and cheese....you will love them! If anyone decides to make them, I would LOVE to know how they turn out!

2 jars Old English Cheese-sharp
Pepperidge Farm Sandwich Loaf bread
1 stick margarine (do NOT use butter)
¾ t dill weed
¾ t Worcestershire

½ t onion powder
½ t beau monde
½ t tabasco (I didn't use this)
dash cayenne (I didn't use this)


Mix all ingredients
Cut off bread crusts
Spread mix on bread-3 layers high, stacked
Spread on side as if a cake
Refrigerate or freeze slightly, so you can then cut each cake into 9 squares
(I even left them in the refrigerator overnight because I had no time to prep that day)

Bake 350 ยบ for 20 minutes

Shop early-the cheese and bread can be difficult to find
Go easy on spices-can get very salty
You don’t have to refrigerate-but it makes cutting easier
Bring cakes back to room temperature before baking to try to let mix “set” into bread

Here is what the cheese looks like. They come with a blue lid.