Thursday, January 14, 2010

Team Cake Boss

I often tweet about this, but recently I realized this was post-worthy.

Adam and I full fledged Team Cake Boss members.

We LOVE Cake Boss. I don't even remember what got us hooked on it last year. Maybe someone else talking about it? I remember watching my first episode when Buddy made 3 cakes for Bride magazine and I not only fell in love with the cakes (because they were black and white), but also fell in love with the amazing artistic ability that goes into making them. Adam and I got hooked on the show!

Come on! Aren't those amazing????

Because we fell so madly in love with Cake Boss and the amazingness that are his cakes, we decided to try out Ace of Cakes.

We have been sorely disappointed.

Duff (the owner of the bakery) barely even decorates any cakes! He doesn't! His team is amazing. Undoubtedly they are crazy talented. However, you barely ever see Duff ACTUALLY decorate a cake. Sure, he helps out here or there, and comes up with some ideas, but he doesn't DECORATE! He does spend a lot of time doing "research"....but not baking or decorating.

Our other main issue with AoC is that many times a majority of the "cake" is inedible. They use a WHOLE lot of Styrofoam, PVC and boards. Especially Styrofoam. That grosses us out. Come on....we all know Styrofoam breaks off in little pieces. Who wants that in their cake???? Now...I know CB uses boards and PVC OCCASIONALLY, but that is only when it is required for structural integrity. The rest is ALWAYS edible. AoC does it as common practice. Again, sometimes they are really talented, however, I think an amazing cake isn't just about the outside. It should actually be CAKE on the inside too. No?? They are definitely artists. But cake decorators? The jury is still out.

Yes, CB yells a lot. That is part of the fun! He is Italian. They are a stereotypical Italian family. And it cracks us up!

To be fair....there are some flaws with CB. When Buddy's sisters mess with him, we find it annoying. Do we seriously think they would paint the bakery pink without his permission? No. Do we seriously think they would record their own ABCs of girly stuff instead of the ABCs of cake? No. When that happens, it seems very staged. However, besides that, the show is ALL about CAKE. Real cake.

What are YOUR thoughts? Aoc or CB? And if you say AoC I would really like to know why. Because I just don't get it!

Team Cake Boss!