Sunday, February 07, 2010

Easy Crock Pot Recipe

A few years ago my mom got a super easy recipe from my Aunt Kris. She couldn't believe how easy it was (and yummy!)! My mom made it recently for Adam who really really enjoyed it. I made it this week and Adam said it was super yummy. I also brought some to Mom and Dad's house to try. They both said it was delicious.

Want to know the recipe????

Here are some of the leftovers being rewarmed.

Pork Shoulder Roast
1 jar of Salsa Verde (I used the Target brand: mild)

Place the Pork Shoulder Roast in the crock pot.
Pour the jar of salsa on top.
Let cook all day.
*Mine cooked for about 10 hours on low

I know! SO easy! And yummy! It is really moist and pulls apart so easily. It doesn't taste spicy at all. If you want more of a kick, you could probably use hotter salsa. Adam liked it this way. He didn't know it was made with salsa, otherwise he probably would have been weirded out!

He has had it just on the plate in bigger chunks and also pulled apart on a bun.

If you make it, let me know!