Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy 30th Birthday Adam!

Friday was Adam's 30th Birthday! I have been planning a surprise for him for quite a while. I had to tell him that there was "something" happening so he didn't totally freak out...but I kept the rest of the details to myself (and the people that helped me plan!). I called about 4,000 bowling alleys in the area to find one that allows open bowling on a weekend night before 9:30/10:00....and then I finally found one! We arranged to have everyone meet us there for 2 hours of bowling and then to go back to his brother's house for a get together.

Adam loves bowling and has bowled on a league for years, however, he gave it up to join the RCIA program at church to become Catholic. I really wanted to get everyone together for some bowling because I am so touched he gave up his bowling this year!

Before we went out, I surprised him with his present....a charcoal Weber grill! He was surprised (yeah!!) and excited.

Happy Birthday my love!

I told Adam we were going to go to dinner and then suggested stopping at a bowling alley (I had to tell him that we were going bowling so he could bring his bowling ball and shoes. I knew he wouldn't enjoy it without them!) We went out to dinner at Olive Garden...however....we finished way earlier than expected. I told him that open bowling didn't start yet, so we went to Best Buy and wandered around....but then we took too long! While at Best Buy, he called one of his brothers to talk about TVs who thought we were insane for being at Best Buy when we were supposed to be getting to the bowing alley!

We finally got there and as we walked in Adam said, "Balloons???".
My dad printed some signs for him!

We had yummy cake!

Adam was very touched to arrive and see all of his family and friends there to celebrate with him. We had a great time bowling and then had a very entertaining evening at his brother's house.

I feel so lucky to have been able to celebrate Adam's 30th birthday with him and I look forward to many in the future. I am such a lucky girl to have met him and I cannot wait until we get married in just a few months. He is so special and always makes me feel special. I am happy I was able to take time and arrange something especially for him to make him feel special and let him know how much he is loved!