Saturday, February 06, 2010

Houston, We HAVE a Vanity

Remember how we have been on a quest for a bathroom vanity? And we couldn't find anything in the color that we wanted? And we were going to settle for something that we liked OK? Even though we didn't really love the countertop. And then remember when after finally making the decision they were sold out?

Well my awesome fiancee spent some time letting his fingers do the walking and found out that at HOBO you can actually custom order a vanity in the color you want. ?!?!?!?!? Why couldn't someone have told us that the 5 million times we were there???? We had decided that we HAD to order from HOBO because the vanities were $279 and anywhere else we didn't see less than $530 for something we liked. We went back to HOBO (again) on Friday and custom ordered a vanity in the color and door style we like....for only $60 more! TOTALLY worth the $60! Also, with this color, we found a granite top for only $179 that we like with it (elsewhere is at least $300-$400 with a discount!!!).

It is hard to get a good picture in the store because of the lighting. You get the general idea. This is the cabinet color and the granite color we chose.

no flash


The door style and color we chose

What do you think? And make sure you tell me you love it...because it has been quite the journey!