Monday, February 22, 2010

Reception Food Tasting

This weekend we had the very exciting task of picking food for our reception. Luckily it was all amazing....because it would be pretty late in the game to not like it! We went with my parents, Adam's dad and step-mom (not the crazy ones) and Amy (as my mom's proxy as she is not eating so much lately).

We just had a fabulous time. Everyone got along fabulously, we had a ton of fun and everyone agreed really easily on everything!

We tried 2 beefs, 1 chicken and 1 vegetarian. Because we wanted to try the vegetarian too, we really hoped the chicken we chose was good because we were only trying one! We also chose between russet potatoes, mashed potatoes, and rice. They were all good, but the mashed potatoes were awesome! The veggies were yummy too (salad choices and the veggies with the meal)! And...O.M.G...the vegetarian dish was a-maz-ing!

I (obviously) didn't taste the meats, but the groups said they were all really good, but came to an easy consensus.

The tasting group!

Amy, Luann, and Rodney

Dad, Sandi (the event coordinator), and Mom

Adam and me

Yummy food options!

We looked at a wedding cake book and I liked of the options. Luckily we can bring in our own design and I have found some online that I love.

We also picked out linens and that was fun too. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE black and white!

After we left the hotel, we went back to Mom and Dad's house to try some cakes. We got 3 different 6 inch cakes (3 cakes and 6 fillings!). They were all amazing and even ended up talking about aesthetics because they all tasted so good. We thought the yellow/chocolate combo with the raspberry filling goes nicely with our black and white with a pink accent color scheme!

Have I ever mentioned how much I want to blog about other wedding plans....invitations, favors, programs, dresses???? However, too many people read this blog that will be at my wedding and I don't want any surprises ruined! Part of the fun is seeing it all put together there! So a lot of times....I just have to sit on my hands!