Saturday, February 13, 2010

Remember when the cat fell down the heating vent?

Poor Fudgie.

I should preface this story with "She is OK" so you don't worry too much.

Fudgie is Adam's cat. She is one of the sweetest cats ever. In fact, she is kind of like a dog. She greets whoever walks in the door, she comes when she is called, and she is SUPER friendly. The only problem is that I am allergic to cats. But we haven't decided what to do with her when I move in because she is so sweet!


On Wednesday night last week Adam had to work at night, starting at 9:00. He arrived home about 2:30 in the morning (dead tired) and noticed that Fudgie didn't come to greet him. He almost blew it off, but then decided to look for her. After calling her name a few times, he heard something in the wall. He got a flashlight and went upstairs in one of the bedrooms we have been redoing. He looked down the (uncovered) heating vent and saw her 2 stories below in the cellar. She must have gotten scared earlier in the day when his brother's dog was over (even though she has been over many times before) and somehow fallen in the vent!

Poor Fudgie. She had to have been in there for 10 hours. With the heat blowing through the vent.

Adam apparently tried to drop a rope down the vent. Although it isn't funny, the image of the cat possibly trying to grab onto the rope makes me laugh. Then he tried to drop a sweater down attached to the rope that she could grab onto, but it was too bulky to make it down.

So he called one of his brothers (thank goodness for family) who came over in the middle of the night and helped him take apart the vent in the cellar to get her out. His brother even took video of the whole ordeal!

After they got her out, she hid up on top of the vents hissing and crying. She wouldn't come out in the morning before he went to work either. We were very very worried about her falling and the heat! But after work, she was waiting at the bottom of the stairs for him and seems to be back to her normal self.

Poor Fudgie!

But at least she is OK.