Monday, February 01, 2010

Teaching CPR Class Is Kind of Like Ordering Chinese

Clearly this is Desmond performing CPR on Claire...but I'm excited to see Lost and hey...they are doing CPR!

Do you ever have those things that you never want to do, but once you do them you enjoy it?

Like ordering Chinese. I never think, "Hey! Let's have Chinese tonight!". And if someone says, "Let's order Chinese." I usually make a wrinkly nose kind of face about it and think, "I suppose....". But then when it comes....I thoroughly enjoy it! I do really like Vegetable Lo Mein. And I look forward to the leftovers. But why do I NEVER want to order Chinese?? Why does it NEVER sound tempting???

It is the same thing with teaching a CPR class. Well...mostly about teaching a CPR class to strangers. I don't have this problem when I do it for friends and family. It usually happens when my mom says, "Hey. I have a class Wednesday night. Do you want to teach it for extra money?" And I wrinkle my nose and say, "No thanks." I think that I don't really like it that much and I don't want to take the time out of my super busy schedule and it just isn't worth it. But whenever I DO teach a class, I really really enjoy myself. I DO like to teach CPR classes! I love watching the students do their skills. I love reviewing what we have learned and answering really good questions. I really love when I see fabulous skills that they have learned just in the hours we have been together. I think learning CPR is so important and I love helping people learn this life saving skill. But why do I never want to? Why do I always think I am not going to enjoy myself?

Why is teaching CPR class the same as ordering Chinese?