Monday, March 29, 2010

Julie and Julia and Meat

I recently finished reading Julie and Julia. I enjoyed it quite a bit! It made me want to cook more. Not cook French food. But just be more adventurous with my cooking.

Also, this reminds me that I want to add it to my Netflix queue.....
......Ok, I'm back from adding it to Netflix. Thanks for being patient.

Anyway, my main problem with the book was the graphic descriptions of some of the meats she cooked. Most of the time it wasn't a huge problem. But one day I was reading while eating lunch. That was a problem. I was reading the section about splitting open a live lobster. And I seriously almost lost my lunch.

Yes, I am a vegetarian; but normally meat doesn't make my squeamish. The idea of putting it in my mouth grosses me out. But the other people eating it doesn't bother me. Cooking it doesn't bother me. I will mush my fingers in the ground beef to make meatloaf with the best of them. I think because I don't eat it, it doesn't gross me out. But definitely some part of this book did. And I honestly think that if I wasn't a vegetarian, I would be one after reading it!

Oh yeah, and recently Adam ate a lamb shank which I didn't think would bother me. But it looked like this...

...and it creeped me out a little. But then when he was done and just the little leg bone was on his plate I kind of freaked out and wanted him to get it I can't even look at that picture.


So anyway....this isn't so much about Julie and Julia anymore except I really liked it. It was different. But it was interesting and I can't wait to see the movie!