Thursday, March 18, 2010


I am procrastinating because I am supposed to be working on school work. My current class is a stupid gen ed class I need to finish my Early Childhood Certificate. I have completed all of the relevant coursework, done a practicum, and passed my certification tests. My school, however, doesn't believe my Bachelor's Degree was good enough and I needed 9 upper division English credits, 9 lower division English credits, and 6 lower division History credits. I am on my 3rd English class and then I take the CLEP to pass out of the lower division English and History. I should be done by June. I hate doing stuff that I think is stupid. And I think these gen ed classes are stupid.

I am supposed to be analyzing a poem and then writing an explication about it. I don't really like poetry. And I have no desire to guess what the author of the poem meant by the words.

So I am crabby about it! I just want to finish this so I can complete my certificate and have more of a chance of having a job next year.

Here is the poem.

The Dead Baby

Sweep the house
under the feet of the curious
holiday seekers--
sweep under the table and the bed
the baby is dead--

The mother's eyes where she sits
by the window, unconsoled--
have purple bags under them
the father--
tall, wellspoken, pitiful
is the abler of these two--

Sweep the house clean
here is one who has gone up
(though problematically)
to heaven, blindly
by force of the facts--
a clean sweep
is one way of expressing it--

Hurry up! any minute
they will be bringing it
from the hospital--
a white model of our lives
a curiosity
surrounded by fresh flowers

1927, 1925
The Norton Anthology of American Literature, Fifth Edition, Vol. 2

I really wish I was better at doing things I think are stupid. But I am not. So I need to get back to work!