Thursday, March 18, 2010

Updates on the House

So I thought it was about time for a house update!

The countdown to our wedding day is the same as the countdown to the house needing to be finished day. Well....we decided yesterday that the house should really be finished by July 9 since we will be a little busy July 10. (Yes, there will be a lot to do after that, but we want most major projects completed).

A few weekends ago Adam rented an orbital sander to try out sanding the floors. We have over 2,200 square feet of hardwood to sand. Some are in pretty good shape and some are in terrible shape. The sander didn't prove to be as successful as hoped. Because the floors are so old, they are really uneven in some spots. The sander didn't get those spots. Using a hand held orbital sander worked OK on those spots, but it would be impossible to go over all that square footage with a hand sander!

The next step is to rent a drum sander which scares the beejeebers out of me. Using an orbital sander, just sands the top off like you would expect. Using a drum sander takes off the top 1/4 inch as you pull it along. The problem? If you so much as sneeze you gouge out your floors. Ah! It scares me!

Adam trying out the sander in our future closet.

You can kind of see where it is sanded and where it is not.

The finished product after using the sander (you can see all the missed spots)
Even if we are at a bit of a standstill until we figure out exactly what to do, it is still really exciting to see any progress made.

In other exciting news this week.....our vanity came in!!! If you remember, it was quite the ordeal to pick our a bathroom vanity. But we got the call and our vanity was in so Adam went to pick it up on Sunday with his dad.

Seriously. I don't think I could be any happier. And we got the vanity and the countertop for an amazing price. We thought we would have to give in on color or price and we didn't have to with either part of it. I am so excited about the color of the vanity and also with how they look together. I can't wait to get this bathroom going!

There you have it!

The other thing we did this week was pick out tile for the hallway bathroom upstairs. We just need to go back and buy it this week. Once that gets put in and we get a fully functioning bathroom upstairs in the hallway, we can work on the downstairs bathroom that I started demolishing. But we haven't really been able to finish that until we had a working bathroom upstairs!

Anyone with any experience sanding hardwood floors....please share!