Monday, April 05, 2010

Adam doesn't want to be Catholic anymore...

...because he IS Catholic now!

Saturday night was the Easter Vigil Mass. The Easter Vigil Mass takes place on Holy Saturday and it is the time when all of the new members of the church are welcomed (baptized, communion and confirmation). Adam completed two sacraments: First Eucharist and Confirmation. It was a really really nice Mass (I haven't been in a while) and the two and a half hours went by quite quickly. My parents, his parents, and his brother Andy joined us (even after we told them it was 2.5 hours!).

Getting ready for Mass after a yummy dinner at Mom and Dad's

This is what Adam read with one other guy who was also doing First Eucharist

Adam after Mass

Me (as his sponsor), Adam, and our Pastor and the Deacon who helped with the Mass

Here is a video of the Litany of the Saints (slightly different than our version). It is one of my favorite parts of the Easter Vigil.

Attending all of the Holy Week services/Masses takes up quite a bit of time, but they are so filled with rich tradition and meaning, they are all worthwhile. Holy Thursday at my church is celebrated with tables filling the Worship space and actually breaking bread with everyone at your table during communion. Also, we wash the hands of everyone in attendance. It is so powerful. Good Friday, although much more somber, is also very powerful and an important reminder of what Easter is about. It was really neat to see how many kids and families were at both of those Masses as well. We decided after this week to make it a goal to attend the Holy Week services from now on, regardless of busy schedules. They are such a strong powerful reminder of our faith.

I am so proud of all of the work Adam has put in this year and the dedication that he has shown by going to class every week. I learned so much throughout the process with him as well. I am so glad I went with to most of the classes and that this is something we experienced together.

Now I am getting married to a good Catholic boy!