Saturday, April 24, 2010

Flower Girl Dress Shopping

Last week Kristin and I went shopping for flower girl dresses. Kristin is one of my bridesmaids and her daughter Layla is one of my flower girls. We had a great time looking at the adorable little dresses and imagining them on little Layla and my adorable cousin as well. There were two we were deciding between and it was really hard because they were both adorable!

We took a picture of Kristin holding them both up like little girls!

The one on the right is the more traditional one that I originally imagined. But the one on the left I just fell in love with. It is different and adorable and our wedding colors and I just couldn't pass it up. I cannot wait to see these adorable girl in their cute dresses!

Sorry! I just can't bring myself to post the real picture of the dress. I don't know why I am so secretive about this stuff! I just want to keep all my wedding details to myself so people who come are surprised!

But the best part of the whole thing? My aunt in California showed the picture to my cousin, the other flower girl and this was the email response I got:

"I love the dress and I want to hug you and be your best friend ever." Love, Mia