Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Happy Easter!

After our late night Saturday night, we were back at Mass Sunday morning. Although Easter Vigil counts and we sang "He is Risen", Adam really wanted to go Sunday morning too. So there we were!

I just love Easter morning music. I love to sing Alleluia loudly and singing the happy praise music of the day!

I couldn't find the versions of most of our songs on YouTube. Most of our versions are very upbeat and most on YouTube are very slow and old school. But I did find one video of "Jesus Christ is Risen Today". The praise music on Easter morning is such an important reminder of what we are celebrating on Easter and throughout the year.

After that we went to Mom and Dad's for Easter baskets and brunch with my family. We had a wonderful morning spent with family.

I really wanted to wear a dress, but being out all day at family parties, I knew I would need some leggings to make myself more comfortable! Also, do you see my adorable headband I got from Target for FREE???

My Easter Bunny still brings baskets for us!

Little Christian running around outside with my dad

We took a family picture with Erin after chatting on Skype quite a while.

After that we headed over to Aaron and Amanda's (Adam's bro and SIL) for Easter dinner with his family. It was fun and of course filled with screaming and yelling about politics. We decided that even if Healthcare Reform causes us to break up before we even get married...we will at least still have the party! Just kidding! Mostly... But we did have a great time with family!

At our Easter gatherings we had two out of our four ring bearers try on their suits. Don't they look adorable????

Christian (my cousin's son) and Chase (Adam's nephew)
(The other two live in CA so we didn't see them today)
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter with their family and adopted families celebrating the time together and the importance of the day.