Sunday, April 18, 2010

House Painting updates

Adam has spent the last week working very hard to get the outside of the house painted (with the help of his awesome dad and brother). Although we would really like to side the house to improve insulation (high need) and looks (low need), it just isn't in the budget anytime soon. Adam found a nice exterior paint that should make this paint job last until we are able to side it. This paint job is never ending!

This week Adam has spent all of his time painting and I have spent mine working on school work. We live exciting lives!

The (worst) side of the house after being primed. Already looks so much better!

Always the adventure....
These little pieces are on most of the corners and are all rusted through. Pulling them off and replacing them seemed like the best option. But pulling out the nails caused the wood to crack. So...they just got painted over. Hopefully this fancy paint lasts!

The side of the house completely primed and painted! Doesn't it look awesome!?

The (scary) back of the house

Adam worked on priming one portion of the back. You can see the before and after!

My awesome hard working fiance who is not enjoying being a painter!

Working on the front! As of today it is completely done (except the peak). Today they are working on the other side!

I am super excited to see how the house looks every day. The overall "curb appeal" is awesome now. But...I'm a little neurotic and don't want to post "full frontal" pictures on the Internet.