Friday, April 09, 2010

The Hunt for Tile

Our focus on Operation: Remodel in recent days has been on tile. Now that we (finally) have our vanity and countertop, we need to tile the bathroom! We bought about 20 samples from the Big Box stores and brought them home to compare with the countertop. Because we are in a bit of a financial crisis (and by a bit I mean a huge) we are trying to go with the most inexpensive tile we can. We found several options that we liked/

*Side note: Isn't it crazy that there is still so much dust in the air there? You can see the spots in the picture.

Several of the options lines up under the vanity
We also visited a tile shop last week to get ideas from the professionals. There is nothing there we can really afford at this point (unless we decide to only redo the bathroom and have an empty rest of the house). We got a lot of really neat ideas though. We just need to see if we can implement them with supplies found at the Big Box stores!

A tile for the walls and the floor in complimenting colors but different shapes.

An accent idea for the walls

In other tile news...
Adam and his dad have been working on tiling the hallway bathroom upstairs. We just picked a simple inexpensive tile for the hallway bathroom. It is a teeny tiny bathroom (I have lofty plans to expand it when we have kids) so it has been a fairly easy project (says the girl who just takes pictures!)!

The first day when they did the tub surround

close up of the tile

All of the tile time to grout!
Does anyone have any tile advice? Laying? Picking? Designing? Finding inexpensive options for a girl who has expensive tile taste????