Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Many Positions of Stephanie Doing Homework

I have been in the process of finishing up a teaching certificate in Early Childhood for a while now. I had been putzing along because I was doing it because I wanted to, not because I *had* to. Well suddenly, I *had* to in order to have my job for next year. So since the beginning of March I have been working at turbo speed on it. I talked about the details here.

Shortly after spring break I took my final in the second to last class (I had finished a while back but needed to find a Saturday I could take the final). I got an A! I also took the midterm for my last class (don't know the score yet). A couple weeks ago I took the English CLEP and passed (woo hoo!). And as of 4/21 I finished the LAST lesson for my current/last class. Now...I am just waiting for my final to arrive at the local community college to take it and I will be ALL DONE with classes. I'm not worried about it at all; I just need it to happen.

The FINAL piece to complete this is to take the History CLEP, which I am more than a little nervous about. Memorization has never been my thing. And that is all this is. Names, dates, places, facts. Not understanding or explaining. Just facts. Need an essay about the reason behind the Cold War? I'm your girl. Ask me to answer multiple choice questions about random dates, times, and places? I'm not your girl. I've been reading a CLEP study guide and though I *understand* the material...I'm just not good at memorizing facts. Because I don't see the need for it! I have Google! If I want to know the date or place something happened...I will use my trusty friend Google to help me out!

But anyway....as I procrastinate finishing reading the study guide tonight...
I thought I would present to you:

The Many Positions of Stephanie Doing Homework

For my classes, they were all distance learning. So they meant reading a whole boatload of material and then writing essays on it. I do my homework in my extra bedroom. I do my reading on the futon (trying to not look at the computer to see if there is new email or anything!). Laying on the futon for hours on end, however, is impossible for me. So...I move...a lot. And change positions. And also I am cold all the time so I use this blanket.

So without further ado:

Me sitting at my computer (please excuse the terrible mess that is my extra bedroom)

My preferred reading spot. I could read and take notes easily. I always begin in this position.

The next position I move to. I can take notes on the side while reading with the book in my lap.

My third position. I am able to sit Indian style or on my knees while taking notes and reading. This is the least preferred position...mostly because I think it is weird. After this, I would cycle back to the laying down position.
And of course in between I always had to stop by my computer and *check* to make sure the Internet is not falling apart without me!
Also required:
2 pieces of gum
How do you do your best work?