Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mrs. H

A very odd thing happened last night at the last "Adam Wants to be Catholic" class. It wasn't so much class, but it was the final gathering potluck. They were passing out registration forms for the newly confirmed adults to become members of the our church. Obviously I am a registered member already, but Adam hasn't been. We asked if Adam should just fill it out by himself and then we could fill out a new one together when we get married, but the answer was to "just fill it out like we are married because it will take a couple months to process it anyway". So I filled out the new registration form and it was super weird to check the "married" box and write my name as Mrs. Stephanie H------. So weird! I leaned over to Adam and said, "Look at this!".

It made everything feel very real! I have been in a bit of a crazy mode anyway with less than 3 months until our wedding. Less than 3 months! Do you have any idea how January, February, March flew by?? And now April is half way over! I keep thinking it will all be better when school is out for the summer and I have all day to work on stuff, but by that point it is just a month away and lots needs to be done already! It is a bit insane to be working full-time, finishing my additional teaching certificate, completely remodeling a house, and planning a wedding at the same time (on top of the 5 million committees I am on at school and church). If I have an evening without plans or a meeting the thought process goes like this, "I should work out. Well clearly there is no time for that. I should work on school work. But first we have to go pick out tile. Then I will work on school work. But, I forgot to research that {insert wedding related item here}. I will do that and then finish school work. And those reports for work tomorrow." Thank goodness for my mom because she is doing so much to help us. We wouldn't be anywhere near having the stuff done that we have without her. She is amazing!

Less than 3 months! Crazy!