Monday, April 12, 2010

Updates on the House

I have stories about tile hunting and house painting today!

We spent all last week on the hunt for tile! We had samples from ALL over the place and finally narrowed it down to two options (after having Mom and Dad come over to look at them with the vanity). I brought both options to work on Thursday and had the girls help me talk it through (thanks!). After that, I brought them back to Mom and Dad's and decided that I liked my original choice, but we needed to pick a new accent piece. So we spent Thursday night looking for new accent pieces and then brought them to Mom and Dad's to help decide if the new idea was a "go".

Then Friday night we spent going to buy all of the tile. We thought it would be all easy....until we found out the wall tile we picked out was out of stock. They had a few boxes here and there at different stores. Friday night we ended up going to one Home Depot and 3 Menard's to get tile. Saturday morning Adam went to two more Menard's to get the rest of the tile!

All for the master bathroom!

But I am super excited about what we picked out. It is very "beige" on the floor and the wall, but we got a neat dark mosaic accent piece to go all the way around the shower and wall in the bathroom. I am excited about it.

All the tile in my car Friday night

The boxes that made it upstairs

The rest of the stack downstairs

We have all the tile and everything for the master bathroom now, but the good weather this weekend caused the tile project to be put on hold so the outside of the house could get worked on. One side of the house was in terrible shape, it hadn't been painted in over 30 years. Other sides of the house were painted, but not the one side. Why? Don't ask. It was in bad shape though! The other sides were pretty worn too.
So this weekend Adam and his dad started power washing the outside of the house and scraping the paint. And on Sunday they started priming! Sunday afternoon I worked on homework, but took a break and walked over to see how it was going. Walking up the street it already looked better! Today they continued working on that and they will start painting tomorrow. Painting it white like it is your typical farm house!

Taking a break with Fudgie the cat...haven't decided if my allergies will let us keep her or not

Anyone know a roofer out of work that wants to work on the barn roof for a good deal???? It has to be done this spring...but we just don't have the money to put into a barn roof on top of everything else!

Charcoal, one of the outside cats, following us around outside

The back/side of the house

The first side they started working on...this is the bad one!
Seeing all of this progress on the house is just so neat. Whenever progress is made I feel like one little brick is lifted off the stack on my shoulders. I just want it to be habitable by the time we get married. As long as the bathrooms are finished and the floors are done, we will be in OK shape. Everything else can be done as we go along. After the outside is painted, we can focus on the floors on the inside. But the barn roof...that is another story. It has to be done...but we have no idea how we are going to swing that.....Keep an eye out for out of work roofers!