Monday, May 10, 2010

Black and White Winner!!

As promised I am announcing the winner of my Black and White Serving Bowl giveaway today on my minus 2 month anniversary!
I was excited to hear how many people love black and white as much as I do and it was really fun to hear what other people are obsessing with right now: cheese graters, Ugly Betty, Living Room sets, trees, Starbucks, babies, yellow, weddings, and milk glass vases!

The winner of the giveaway shared her obsession with polka dots (which I love too!) and the winner is:

#10 Kristin from The Janisch Family!

**I took this very seriously! I put the comments (all 11 of them) in an excel spreadsheet and then used to randomly pick a number. #10 it is, so the serving bowl goes to Kristin! I would say e-mail me with your address, but I have it already! You should be expecting a package in the mail soon!**

Thanks for participating in my giveaway everyone! It was very fun!