Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dresses, Veils, and Cake, Oh My!

On Thursday I spent the day with my sister doing all kinds of wedding related things. She has a lot of wedding catching up to do! Since we got in so late Wednesday night, I slept in Thursday and then went to work for a teacher appreciation luncheon. Then I headed over to Mom and Dad's to meet Erin.

First order of business:
Try on her bridesmaid dress-It fits! (wiping away the sweat on my brow in relief)
Try on my dress for her-I still love it!

Here is a little sneak peak of me in my dress! Adam doesn't read my blog so he will never know, but it is just the tiniest sneak peak anyway!

After that, we headed to a bridal salon to try on veils. Mom and I had gone the week before but decided it would be silly to pick a veil without Erin since she would be home so soon! Mom and I had gone to two places and then we headed back here with Erin in tow. The one I liked before, I absolutely loved that day! So we ended up getting a veil and a headpiece for me! I LOVE checking items off the "to do" list!

Me and Erin with my veil!

Our final wedding related task for the day was to go to our reception hotel and do another cake tasting. Yup, another. The hotel changed which bakery they are using, so we got another chance to eat cake! We could have stayed with the old one, but we figured tasting cake never hurts anyone! We got to try 3 cakes and 3 fillings and they were all yummy. We finalized our cake type and design and we are all good to go in the dessert area.
Even though, really....who eats cake at a wedding? Not me usually. I am too full from dinner. I usually pick out the filling (and man, are we going to have some yummy filling!!!!) and leave the rest. Adam loves cake though; he always eats it!
Me, Adam, Erin, and Mom