Sunday, May 16, 2010

Getting Together

Last week (I know, I am very late), my college girlfriends came over to hang out. I was very lucky because the four of us live 45-60 minutes apart from each other, but really, I am the best central location. So they all came to my house. I had to clean, but I didn't have to drive! We just got together to hang out and chat and see each other. I feel so lucky that 5 years out of college I feel that we are even closer than before. Especially considering the dating, breakups, marriages and babies!

Layla taking good care of her baby doll in Zander's car seat!

We had spaghetti for dinner so Miss Layla was in her after dinner spaghetti wear! I would ask her to say "cheese" and she would. And then promptly turn her head away!
Amanda, Katie, and I taking our turns holding little Zander. He was put in his pajamas for the ride home. He was so fun and smiley (not with his pacifier in his mouth of course)!