Saturday, May 29, 2010

My birthday, my test, and my job!

May 23rd was my 27th birthday! It came up so fast because of all of the wedding planing, house remodeling, and school finishing. for the past 5 years, my friend Bridget and I have celebrated our birthdays together. I almost said there wasn't time for birthdays this year, but Bridget told me that there is always time for birthdays. We went out to a local bar and invited our favorite people for a low key night of drinking, bags, and karaoke!

Unfortunately Adam wasn't available to attend the Biggest Bash of the Year Part 5 because his Bachelor Party ended up being scheduled for that night! I was still able to have fun celebrating without him!

Bridget and me

Amy came out for the night and spent the night at my house

Two of my future sisters-in-law (Heidi and Jessica)! I love these girls!

Late that night we started getting texts and calls from the boys. The Bachelor Party was going back to Adam's bro's (Tony and Jessica's) house and we met them back there. It was a super super late night. I felt really old because I am NEVER out that late!

Adam's bro Tony, Adam's friend Angelo, and Adam

The next day, after sleeping until 11:30, I spent the afternoon at my Mom and Dad's house and then Adam came over and we all went out to a yummy Italian meal.

Me and my sister-Erin!

Back at the house opening up fun presents
I spent the rest of the night with Erin and Amy studying for the last test I had to take for my teaching certificate....the dreaded History CLEP. I had been studying for weeks and the information I needed to know was so random and I was getting uber stressed out. Amy and Erin spent all night quizzing me and then Monday morning I went and took the test.
So I am all done with everything that needed to be done for that certificate.
Yesterday about 4:25 I got a call from HR and they were doing teacher recall and I was offered my current position back. I was shouting and dancing and jumping and calling and texting like crazy for about 20 minutes. I am so thrilled. This week just couldn't get any better!