Thursday, May 13, 2010

My sister is home!!!!!!!!

Yesterday, May 12, at 10:00 at night, my sister Erin came home from 27 months in the Peace Corps!!

She was supposed to arrive at O'Hare from JFK at 10:00 at night. Then it was pushed to 10:10. When she arrived at JFK, she found that her flight to ORD had been cancelled!!!! She was devastated. But a wonderful Delta agent worked some magic, got her a quick (expensive) cab ride to LaGuardia, and got her on a flight to Midway. Apparently there was low visibility into ORD but not Midway??? Her new flight was supposed to arrive at 9:20, pushed back to 9:46, but we had to leave even earlier because Midway is a bit of a trek.

I haven't been to Midway in any adult memory, but it was pretty empty and we walked up the escalator to right where they come down the hallway. We were all very anxious to see her. The monitor said that her flight was "on time" at 9:20 even though it was 9:45 and there was no sign of them. Dad kept checking on his phone and about 10:00, it finally said "landed"!

Mom was very anxious and kept holding up the sign whenever any people came by!

A police officer was riding around on a segway IN the airport. I wanted one.

Mom and Dad waiting with the sign!

Me taking a picture by the sign that said we weren't supposed to be there. But other people were. And there were no officials anyway. But Dad said the picture was now evidence that we knew we weren't supposed to be there if we got caught! Oh well!

We saw her coming down the long hallway!!!
(The tall blonde in the middle)

The moment she realized we had a sign!

I got to hug her first because I was closer and then Mom!

And Dad

Heading out of the airport. There wasn't any luggage to pick up because she has no idea where it was. Cairo? JFK? LaGuardia? Then there was something about Atlanta??? This shall be interesting.

Back at the house Erin and Dad shared a glass of wine. It has been a while for her since it is illegal for Moroccans to drink!

On the phone with Mommom and Poppop in CA. It was OK to call them at 11:30 at night because it was only 9:30 in CA!
We stayed up until after 1:00 chatting and then decided it was time to get some sleep. I headed home and got to bed shortly before 2:00. Which is why I took the day off today! I am heading to work to our teacher appreciation luncheon and then back to Mom and Dad's to hang with Erin all day!
SHE IS HOME*!!!!!!!!!!
*Until August when she goes to grad school in NYC