Friday, May 14, 2010

Scrapbook Idea

So you know how you get Christmas cards with adorable pictures on them of your family and friends? And you want to keep them because they are cute pictures? But you don't know what to do with them? So you stash them in random places around your house? Because you don't want to throw them out?

Well I do.

I was talking with Kristin recently about this and she gave me the best idea ever! She decided to make a scrapbook out of them. But not a scrapbook in the traditional sense of a ton of work and needing cute ideas and doo-dads and stickers. Just a scrapbook, paper, and tape. And the pictures of course.

I recently took her idea and went with it. I just used Christmas paper and plain colors that matched and taped the pictures on by year. It was SUPER fast and I am thrilled to have a place to keep all of these pictures to see family and friends change over the years. Especially now with all the babies in my life.

Here are two sets of pages from my Christmas scrapbook:

As you can see, I really did nothing fancy. I just taped them on (2 or 3 on a page depending what fit). It went so quickly and was low stress since I wasn't trying to do anything fancy.
I also decided to make another album for all the other fun cards I get: birth announcements, thank you cards, birthday party invitations, save the dates, photos of kids as they get older, etc.

Here are two sets of pages from that scrapbook (That I literally did in 20 minutes on Wednesday night while waiting to leave to pick up my sis from the airport).

I am so excited to have these! They will be so easy and inexpensive to keep up. But what a great keepsake and memory of all of these adorable pictures!