Monday, May 03, 2010

The Stairs to Nowhere or The Door That Never Was

The big project this weekend for Adam was to remove a door from the side of the house.


That is right.

Remove a door.

We have a front door and then there were 3 entrances on the side of the house. Completely unnecessary.

See the picture:

(From right to left because the right is the front of the house)
Right in the front on the side was a door with cement stairs that went into our future office. It used to be a screened in porch, but years ago they turned it into a room, but left the door. Then there is the cellar door (so I guess make that 4 doors). Then there are cement stairs going to the sliding glass door into the kitchen. And last there is a door that goes into the back room. Eventually that will be the door you enter the house in from the garage.

We wanted to eliminate the door that goes into our office because
1. There were too many entrances
2. We wanted more wall space in the office
3. There were too many entrances

This weekend Adam spent boarding up the door, covering it with siding, priming, and caulking.

Above is the view from inside the room.


No Door:

I call this "The Stairs to Nowhere"


No Door

I love the picture of "The Stairs to Nowhere". Adam's SIL called it "The Door That Never Was".

I am so lucky that Adam has been so willing to do all of these projects and learn along the way. I grew up with a dad who never paid anyone to do anything and always learned what he didn't know. Adam gets a little more nervous about projects he hasn't done before, but he has blown me away during these house renovations. If it wasn't for his willingness to DIY, we would be living in a smelly gross house with raccoons in the attic, ugly walls and floors, and too many doors!

Let's do that one more time....


No Door!

So cool!