Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Getting a Marriage License and Going to Court

Adam and I headed to the courthouse to apply for our marriage license! We realized that we needed to do that rather quickly if we actually wanted to get married on July 10th and not just have a big party.

While we were at the courthouse, Adam decided that he should try to change his court date for the seat belt ticket he received. The seat belt ticket he got while actually wearing his seat belt.

So we went and waited in a long line and the lady sent us upstairs to a courtroom to ask for a different court date because his court date was while we are going to be on our honeymoon. So we waited in the courtroom and really enjoyed listening to all the cases. The judge was this wisea$$ stereotypical judge who was really funny, but didn't put up with crap. Adam loved it! He would love to be a wisea$$ judge in another life!

After sitting through a bunch of cases, Adam was finally called and this conversation ensued:

Funny Man Judge: What are you here for?
Adam: Your honor, I am here to request a change in court date.
Funny Man Judge: Why?
Adam: I will be on my honeymoon.
Funny Man Judge: Your honeymoon??? You have a seat belt ticket and you already have a life sentence? State's attorney, what do you think? He has a seat belt ticket and he already has a life sentence?
State's Attorney: Suit dismissed
Funny Man Judge: You already have a life sentence. Good luck! Have a great life!

It was hilarious!

After that we went and applied for our marriage license and promised we have never been married and we aren't related to each other. If we were over 50 and first cousins we could get married in IL though. Did you know that? Gross!

Adam agreed to take a picture by our car with our paperwork!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I Am Not Less Successful

I just read an article in Cosmopolitan titled "The Rise of the Less Successful Boyfriend" and it was all about girlfriends who earn more than their "less successful" boyfriends. That isn't a new topic in Cosmo. It has been written and rewritten many times. I understand that it can cause different issues to come up in a relationship when the female earns more than the male.

But what I don't understand is why he is called the "less successful boyfriend" just because he earns less. Does that make me the "less successful girlfriend"? Why does earning less = less success? I am less successful because I chose to be a teacher and Adam chose to be an electrician? I think not.

The article could be titled "The Rise of the Boyfriend Who Earns Less". But I certainly don't think we should call the boyfriend "less successful" for earning less if we as women don't want to be called "less successful" for earning less.

So there Cosmo.

But I will still religiously read your trash.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Black and White Shower

Last Sunday I had my final shower hosted by my future MIL (not the crazy one) and my grandma (and a lot of help from my mom).

They planned a Black and White themed shower and it was so fun to see my favorite colors on presents, on the guests, and on all the decorations!

It was hosted at a local Nature Center because Amy's mom works there and it was so pretty and so fun. Thanks to my dad's cousin Doris, I have amazing pictures!

Before they left the house in the morning my Grandpa (Poppop) woke up and saw a stack of cards with holes punched in them and a pile of brads. So my Poppop helped out by putting cute black umbrellas in the trivia cards. How adorable is that???

The cute favor bags with personalized mints inside and cute table decorations

Erin-sister decorating with back and white tulle

My grandma (Mommom) eating yummy Italian food.

Me with a huge plate of yummy food like eggplant Parmesan and eggplant sandwiches!

A yummy party canoli!

The trivia game. One question was about who has the most traffic citations: Adam or me. Adam and I had to consult about that one. It was close. But he has had more. His excuse is that he has been driving for 3 years longer than me!

Adorable black and white prizes that Amy is passing out (to my cousins in this picture)

Opening presents. There were so many! Our family and friends are so generous! Before present opening, they stuck little pieces of paper with objects on them on some of the presents. When we got a present with one of the papers on it, we read it and people had to find that in their purse. Whoever had the most got a prize. It was great because all the pressure wasn't always on me! And it made it more interesting for the people there!

My future hubby and me!

At the end we took photos with people. This is my friend Meghan's mom and sister and we left a spot for Meg who couldn't be here from LA.

Me, Luann (Adam's step-mom) and Adam

Me and my sister!

Me and my amazing mom

Erin, me and Amy. Amy and her mom were amazing in helping with the whole shower.

One pile of presents in the middle of the floor at Adam's house. There is only one room we aren't painting the ceiling, so the presents are there. And the only reason we aren't painting the ceiling in that room is because we need to tear it down!
I just feel so loved and so special because of the amazing kindness and generosity of family and friends. I also am in complete amazement that our wedding is coming up in 22 days. Um. What? I am SO not ready. Well...the big stuff is ready, but there are a million little projects I want to complete!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bachelorette Party (not mine!)

The same night as Layla's party was a friend from high school's bachelorette party. I missed dinner because I was at Layla's party, but I joined the girls in time to take a limo downtown to Howl at the Moon. I love Howl at the Moon! It is totally my type because there is fun music you can sing along to all night! I know it is totally a bachelorette party bar, but it is still a blast!

Our huge limo

Me and Mandy the Bachelorette

Mandy up on stage dancing along to Grease lightning!
I had such a fun time at her party and it made me really excited for mine!


Remember when I got it in my head I was going to give Fudgie a bath myself tonight?

And she wasn't at all calm like last time?

And when she was soaking wet because I just poured the bucket over her to rinse her off, she got out of my arms and started running around the house like a crazy cat, sopping wet?

Like down the stairs. Up the stairs. Down the stairs. Up the stairs.

And it was not good and it was scary for her, but completely hilarious that a dripping wet cat was tearing around my house? And normally I wouldn't think that was funny because I don't like my house getting ruined....but seriously? It was hilarious.

But then l I trapped her and dried her and then she was fine?

Remember that?

This is her after I was able to dry her off some more with the towel. She was doing odd gymnastics moves with her leg straight in the air. I had time to get my camera for this!

She must have been angry at me because while we were watching TV she suddenly turned herself around to face the wall and wouldn't look at us. But then I was petting her and she totally chose getting petted over being angry with me.
But remember when it was hilarious that she was soaking wet running around my house?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Second Birthday Bash

Last weekend was Layla's second birthday party and it was a blast! Kristin (one of my bridesmaids) did an amazing job planning an adorable party with an arts and crafts theme because Layla loves her some arts and crafts! The theme started with Layla's fingerpainted invitations. The party itself was creative and adorable and I think Kristin should go into party planning!

The dessert table: Her sister's friend made the amazing cake!

There were stations set up around the house and this one was for making noodle necklaces. I had fun helping the kids with this one!

The cute sign her sister made

I (of course) had fun playin with baby Zander as well!

Layla outside with her daddy coloring on the table. She had me draw Blue (her cat), Layla, Mommy, and Daddy. I don't think she was impressed by my stick people!

I had to leave early so she opened my present before I left. I think the alphabet fishing set was a hit!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Friends Wedding Shower or My Friends Are Adorable

I am two weeks late posting this, but I wanted to wait for some pictures from other people so I could do this adorable shower justice.

Two weeks ago my bridesmaids threw me an amazingly adorable wine themed bridal shower. All I knew was that they had been scheming for many many months, but other than that, it was a total surprise.

I had such a blast the entire time and the afternoon just flew by. My friends are just amazing and I am constantly amazed by how lucky I am to have such a wonderful group of girls in my life.

Amy ("cousinfriend") made me a pink calla corsage to wear

The adorable centerpieces that had wine bottle labels centered around marriage and our new last name. I can't share details because there is a lot of new last name real estate, but they were so creative!

The first activity for everyone to participate in was a wine guessing game. There were 6 yummy wines and lots of yummy cheeses. I'm not sure which one I was more excited about! I tried all the wines and didn't get any of them right! But I did put smiley faces next to ones I liked. I would have put a smiley face next to all of the cheeses too (except one!)

Guests had an opportunity to make wine charms. They made one for themselves to put on their wine glass and bring home and everyone made one for Adam and me. If you come to our house for wine, you can use a bridal shower custom made wine charm!

The adorable wine bottle favors with custom bridal shower labels!

Everyone sitting down to eat a yummy pasta lunch. I love pasta!

The girls working hard in the kitchen getting everything ready!

Friends working on answering questions for the trivia game.

Yummy snacks! My favorite!

They made me an apron (Black and White of course with my new Monogram on it) and tied on all kinds of kitchen gadgets. I had to walk around and see who could remember the most!
We (of course) had to have a photo shoot with the girls!
All of my bridesmaids minus Meg in California!

But I did get to take a picture "with" Meg on the phone while I opened her gift.

Bridesmaid Amy again!

Bridesmaid Bridget and me (co-worker for many years)
Bridget graciously hosted at her house and it was lovely!

Me and Kailey my jr. bridesmaid. She is so adorable. I knew her when she was 3!

Me and Bridesmaid Katie (college roomie)

My NIU girls

Me and Bridesmaid Kristin (college roomie)

My lovely sister and me
(I'm not going to link to her Morocco blog because she is done with it now. Sad face. I think she should make a new blog).

Girls from work!

Back to non-photo shoot pictures....

Playing the trivia game. They asked Adam questions and then me and people had to guess my answer. It was funny to see what Adam got right and wrong!

Yummy cake!

I will spare you lots of present opening pictures so you don't get bored. But if I am going to be honest, I really will spare you the pictures because my face is so shiny you could run your car with the oil on it! Somebody get me a blotter! But I got so many wonderful gifts from everyone who attended. I just felt incredibly loved.
See how awesome my friends are?
Yesterday was my other shower and I will hopefully share those pictures before 2 weeks!