Friday, June 18, 2010

Black and White Shower

Last Sunday I had my final shower hosted by my future MIL (not the crazy one) and my grandma (and a lot of help from my mom).

They planned a Black and White themed shower and it was so fun to see my favorite colors on presents, on the guests, and on all the decorations!

It was hosted at a local Nature Center because Amy's mom works there and it was so pretty and so fun. Thanks to my dad's cousin Doris, I have amazing pictures!

Before they left the house in the morning my Grandpa (Poppop) woke up and saw a stack of cards with holes punched in them and a pile of brads. So my Poppop helped out by putting cute black umbrellas in the trivia cards. How adorable is that???

The cute favor bags with personalized mints inside and cute table decorations

Erin-sister decorating with back and white tulle

My grandma (Mommom) eating yummy Italian food.

Me with a huge plate of yummy food like eggplant Parmesan and eggplant sandwiches!

A yummy party canoli!

The trivia game. One question was about who has the most traffic citations: Adam or me. Adam and I had to consult about that one. It was close. But he has had more. His excuse is that he has been driving for 3 years longer than me!

Adorable black and white prizes that Amy is passing out (to my cousins in this picture)

Opening presents. There were so many! Our family and friends are so generous! Before present opening, they stuck little pieces of paper with objects on them on some of the presents. When we got a present with one of the papers on it, we read it and people had to find that in their purse. Whoever had the most got a prize. It was great because all the pressure wasn't always on me! And it made it more interesting for the people there!

My future hubby and me!

At the end we took photos with people. This is my friend Meghan's mom and sister and we left a spot for Meg who couldn't be here from LA.

Me, Luann (Adam's step-mom) and Adam

Me and my sister!

Me and my amazing mom

Erin, me and Amy. Amy and her mom were amazing in helping with the whole shower.

One pile of presents in the middle of the floor at Adam's house. There is only one room we aren't painting the ceiling, so the presents are there. And the only reason we aren't painting the ceiling in that room is because we need to tear it down!
I just feel so loved and so special because of the amazing kindness and generosity of family and friends. I also am in complete amazement that our wedding is coming up in 22 days. Um. What? I am SO not ready. Well...the big stuff is ready, but there are a million little projects I want to complete!