Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Floors are Finished!

If you thought my last post about floors was photo heavy, then take a long drink and get ready for this one. I combined the new photos with my last post about floors so you can see the total transformation from old floors, to sanded, to completely finished!

I am so excited about how the floors look! This week we are going to start painting the interior of the house and it is really going to start looking like a home!

First I have to show a picture of the pump house that is also in the middle of being painted!

The Pump House

The Foyer

(The view from the front door)

Before getting sanded

Completely finished! (I don't know why it was so dark!)

The Third Bedroom

Before sanding

After they were sanded.



The Second Bedroom

Before any sanding

After they were sanded

All stained!


The Upstairs Hallway

After getting sanded

The view from the master bedroom all finished!

The Stairs
Looking down before any repair

From the bottom.
We had to have the stairs completely replaced and finished.

The beautiful stairs!

Master Bedroom

Before getting sanded (from the corner)

All sanded


All Finished!

Our room looks beautiful!

The Back Rooms
(Future Guest Room/Laundry Room? We aren't quite sure what we are doing with this yet. This used to be one big room years ago and then it was made into two rooms for Adam and one of his bros. Adam tore down the wall in between the two rooms so the floors could be finished. We would love to make it a game room, but then don't know where we would put the guest room once we have kids. We'll see! It also needs a lot of work because half the room is ceiling tile that we had to pull down and it needs drywall work.)

After tearing down the wall in the middle

All finished!

View from the other angle

The Piano Room
(We don't really have a piano, but there used to be one in here, so that is what it is called. It will be our "Family Room" or the main living space.)

Before getting sanded

All sanded!

The floor guys had to putty almost the entire Piano Room because of gaps between the boards. Thank goodness we had them do it because there is no way we would have been so thorough.

The finished floors!

The Office

(This used to be called "The TV Room" but we are turning it into our office because we are both on our computers quite a bit and think our office should have prime real estate. Although this would make a nice Living Room....)

Before Sanding (there used to be carpet down)

All finished! The bad spots are barely even noticeable

The Dining Room

Before Sanding (There was also gross carpet here)

After Sanding

I am just so thrilled with all of the floors. All of my buyer's remorse about the color has vanished and I just can't wait to see them with rugs and furniture on them. We are waiting at least a week and a half before putting any furniture on them. The end of this week will include painting and once all of that it done, we will move furniture onto them. Today's goal is picking out paint colors so that can be done this weekend. Thank goodness for Adam's bro and dad who are going to be our main painters. Adam says I am better off staying out of their way!

Our goal is to have the main rooms of the house liveable before we get married. We will finish the master bath and downstairs bath afterwards and we are OK with that because there is another full bath in the hallway upstairs. We will also figure out what to do with those backrooms at a later date.

You haven't seen many pictures of the kitchen because not much is being done there. Right now it is one of two rooms without wood floors so it is being used for storage. The floor and counter are ugly, but liveable so we won't be able to redo the kitchen for several years. We are just going to paint the cabinets because they currently have bamboo trees on them from Adam's mom's themed taste (?!?!?!?!).

Can't wait to share painted room pictures with you soon!

And if you made it to the end of this post with all those pictures I will give you a big hug because that is quite the feat!