Monday, June 14, 2010

Friends Wedding Shower or My Friends Are Adorable

I am two weeks late posting this, but I wanted to wait for some pictures from other people so I could do this adorable shower justice.

Two weeks ago my bridesmaids threw me an amazingly adorable wine themed bridal shower. All I knew was that they had been scheming for many many months, but other than that, it was a total surprise.

I had such a blast the entire time and the afternoon just flew by. My friends are just amazing and I am constantly amazed by how lucky I am to have such a wonderful group of girls in my life.

Amy ("cousinfriend") made me a pink calla corsage to wear

The adorable centerpieces that had wine bottle labels centered around marriage and our new last name. I can't share details because there is a lot of new last name real estate, but they were so creative!

The first activity for everyone to participate in was a wine guessing game. There were 6 yummy wines and lots of yummy cheeses. I'm not sure which one I was more excited about! I tried all the wines and didn't get any of them right! But I did put smiley faces next to ones I liked. I would have put a smiley face next to all of the cheeses too (except one!)

Guests had an opportunity to make wine charms. They made one for themselves to put on their wine glass and bring home and everyone made one for Adam and me. If you come to our house for wine, you can use a bridal shower custom made wine charm!

The adorable wine bottle favors with custom bridal shower labels!

Everyone sitting down to eat a yummy pasta lunch. I love pasta!

The girls working hard in the kitchen getting everything ready!

Friends working on answering questions for the trivia game.

Yummy snacks! My favorite!

They made me an apron (Black and White of course with my new Monogram on it) and tied on all kinds of kitchen gadgets. I had to walk around and see who could remember the most!
We (of course) had to have a photo shoot with the girls!
All of my bridesmaids minus Meg in California!

But I did get to take a picture "with" Meg on the phone while I opened her gift.

Bridesmaid Amy again!

Bridesmaid Bridget and me (co-worker for many years)
Bridget graciously hosted at her house and it was lovely!

Me and Kailey my jr. bridesmaid. She is so adorable. I knew her when she was 3!

Me and Bridesmaid Katie (college roomie)

My NIU girls

Me and Bridesmaid Kristin (college roomie)

My lovely sister and me
(I'm not going to link to her Morocco blog because she is done with it now. Sad face. I think she should make a new blog).

Girls from work!

Back to non-photo shoot pictures....

Playing the trivia game. They asked Adam questions and then me and people had to guess my answer. It was funny to see what Adam got right and wrong!

Yummy cake!

I will spare you lots of present opening pictures so you don't get bored. But if I am going to be honest, I really will spare you the pictures because my face is so shiny you could run your car with the oil on it! Somebody get me a blotter! But I got so many wonderful gifts from everyone who attended. I just felt incredibly loved.
See how awesome my friends are?
Yesterday was my other shower and I will hopefully share those pictures before 2 weeks!