Friday, June 11, 2010

Fudgie Goes to the Groomer

The adventures with Fudgie the cat continue....

She is doing really well at my house and my allergies have seemed to be pretty under control (as long as I take my medicine).

We have been brushing her with the Furminator and it is amazing. Seems ridiculous to spend $30 on a cat brush, but it really does an awesome job of getting the loose hairs and undercoat out. For a medium hair cat, she really isn't shedding too much. (Though I have had my vacuum out more in the last week than I have in the last month!)

She loves to hide in silly places in my house, but she is also super friendly and loves to play. She had adopted an Old Navy reusable bag as her own and it is one of her favorite places to sit, so now I don't want to move it.

She loves pet grass and loves to pick it up with her teeth and drag it around.

Fudgie and her grass

Although we have been brushing her quite a bit, she still had some really bad mattes in her hair. We decided to bring her to the groomer to get them out because the vet scared us that if we tried to cut them out, we could cut her skin. (I know, we are suckers). She did pretty well at the beginning, but then got really scared and we got called to come pick her up early. They got the bad mattes out of her hair (but now she has some bald spots!). She looks a lot better too.

Unsure about this place we brought her!
She is so funny, so watch out for some funny Fudgie posts in the future!