Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Getting a Marriage License and Going to Court

Adam and I headed to the courthouse to apply for our marriage license! We realized that we needed to do that rather quickly if we actually wanted to get married on July 10th and not just have a big party.

While we were at the courthouse, Adam decided that he should try to change his court date for the seat belt ticket he received. The seat belt ticket he got while actually wearing his seat belt.

So we went and waited in a long line and the lady sent us upstairs to a courtroom to ask for a different court date because his court date was while we are going to be on our honeymoon. So we waited in the courtroom and really enjoyed listening to all the cases. The judge was this wisea$$ stereotypical judge who was really funny, but didn't put up with crap. Adam loved it! He would love to be a wisea$$ judge in another life!

After sitting through a bunch of cases, Adam was finally called and this conversation ensued:

Funny Man Judge: What are you here for?
Adam: Your honor, I am here to request a change in court date.
Funny Man Judge: Why?
Adam: I will be on my honeymoon.
Funny Man Judge: Your honeymoon??? You have a seat belt ticket and you already have a life sentence? State's attorney, what do you think? He has a seat belt ticket and he already has a life sentence?
State's Attorney: Suit dismissed
Funny Man Judge: You already have a life sentence. Good luck! Have a great life!

It was hilarious!

After that we went and applied for our marriage license and promised we have never been married and we aren't related to each other. If we were over 50 and first cousins we could get married in IL though. Did you know that? Gross!

Adam agreed to take a picture by our car with our paperwork!