Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Second Birthday Bash

Last weekend was Layla's second birthday party and it was a blast! Kristin (one of my bridesmaids) did an amazing job planning an adorable party with an arts and crafts theme because Layla loves her some arts and crafts! The theme started with Layla's fingerpainted invitations. The party itself was creative and adorable and I think Kristin should go into party planning!

The dessert table: Her sister's friend made the amazing cake!

There were stations set up around the house and this one was for making noodle necklaces. I had fun helping the kids with this one!

The cute sign her sister made

I (of course) had fun playin with baby Zander as well!

Layla outside with her daddy coloring on the table. She had me draw Blue (her cat), Layla, Mommy, and Daddy. I don't think she was impressed by my stick people!

I had to leave early so she opened my present before I left. I think the alphabet fishing set was a hit!