Friday, June 04, 2010

Work Bridal Shower

I know I am really behind in posting, but on the 25th, my school had a bridal shower for me and another co-worker/friend who is getting married this summer (the week after us!).

We knew when the shower was, but had no idea what they were planning. They did such a neat job and had a lot of cute touches.

Cute pink and black M&Ms in Martini glasses that were given away as prizes

Fun coasters with bridal trivia and notes for them to write advice to us. It is a neat keepsake to have!

The presents table. They made pretty signs for both of us.

Some of my great work friends

The adorable (and super yummy) cookies they had for us!

Working on the Mad-Libs game of the story of how we met. I can't post it here. It ended up much too dirty! You wouldn't believe it out of a bunch of preschool teachers!

Lots of yummy snacks and punch!

My AMAZING gift from the staff-a KitchenAid stand mixer!!!

A really neat book they put together with notes and letters from students (past and present) about getting married.
I had so much fun and got a lot of really neat gifts. I am going to miss my co-workers so much next year since everyone had to go to different schools and find new jobs. We have a great group and I have been so lucky to find so many special people to work with on a daily basis.