Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dryer With a Ding and Rainbow in the Sky

Along with remodeling a house comes with buying appliances.

And that means one thing.


Let's rewind a minute:
The week before our wedding, the refrigerator at my townhouse broke. Completely. And we found it at 11:00 at night on the 4th of July. Of course. We clearly didn't have any time that week to do anything about it, so we had no refrigerator that whole week and the few days after our wedding before our honeymoon. Our first goal when we got back? Buy a refrigerator. Also, we are going to use my townhouse as a rental property once we move into the wanted to find the best deal we could find (read: cheap).

We spent almost an entire afternoon driving around looking for a good deal when my dad found a new Sears Outlet that we later found out had only been open for like 6 days. Before that though we were at a Sears Appliance Showroom and found a semi-reasonable refrigerator and a washer and dryer we really liked. The washer and dryer were $560 for the washer and $630 for the dryer on sale from like $799 each. But we decided to wait.

So...we went to the Sears Outlet and the refrigerator my dad found online for $313! For an 18 cubic foot. Rock on! Then it rang up as $291! Score! So that was settled.

Wandering through the store, we also ran across the EXACT SAME dryer we almost bought earlier in the day.

See it here in our foyer?

For $370??????

So we bought it. There is a little ding in the front.

But guess what?

I can dry my clothes with a ding in the front of the dryer for $370 (on sale from $799!).

We did end up going back to the Sears Appliance Showroom because we didn't find anything as great a deal as the sale they had going on for the washer at the Outlet. So now we have a washer and dryer. They aren't installed. They are both still sitting in the foyer.

But baby steps.

Oh, and here is the adorable rug my mom got us just for fun. Because she is adorable too!

And this....

I just had to post these pictures from several weeks ago. Erin and I met for lunch one day and while driving there I saw these sweeps of color in the sky. I have never seen anything like it ever before! So I took these picturse. While driving. So be impressed. It was like a raindbow all bunched together in the clouds. It was so pretty. And different. And very cool.

So that is my story.

Totally random post. I know!

But the moral of the story? The Sears Outlet is A-MAZ-ING and sometimes there are rainbows mushed up in the clouds!