Saturday, August 28, 2010

House Update-Organizing the Kitchen

Today was another VERY productive day at the house. We (seriously this time) think that we will be living there by next weekend. We will spend the rest of this week working on projects and moving little stuff. And then next weekend will be the "big move" (bed, desk, couch, etc).

Today we had our first ever meal at the house that wasn't take out! We grilled burgers, last night I made pasta salad and taco dip, and we ate it outside.

The kitchen after mom and I spent most of the day, cleaning, organizing and putting away.

Lots of picture of organization in the kitchen ahead

Our utensil drawer

The start to our serving utensil drawer
(Right now all my utensils and serving things and kitchen gadgets are shoved in one drawer, so I am SOOO excited to have them organized and easy to find!)

We were finally able to drag the big cabinet that will serve as the pantry out from the back room. I washed it today and tomorrow I will paint it.

The tupperware, Pyrex and mixing bowl cabinet. In a revolutionary decision, mom and I decided to put our storage containers in an upper cabinet so they are easier to access. I am SO excited about the Rubbermaid storage containers that the lids lock together and the containers nest oh so nicely. I really think I may get rid of everything else.

I primed and painted the trim for the closet (see the bottom) and then we put it up. But we forget about the casing for the door. was installed, but I will prime and paint it tomorrow.

The view of our master closet! SOOO excited about it! My dad and sister put it all up last weekend and it looks great. So much room! There are top and bottom levels on both long sides and just a top on the back for long items. As you can see, I started bringing clothes over this week!

Here is my favorite example of how high-class we are. We found an old window AC unit in the cellar that works. However, in order to hold it in, we have used cardboard and yellow tape. No one can call us white trash!

And now....
The most exciting part of the whole day...

My spice drawer with labels on top of the bottles and organized alphabetically!
This is amazing.
I have been wanting this for a LONG time.
When I wanted to find a spice before? I have to dig through all of the shoved on one shelf and it is just terrible to try to find what I am looking for. So we are using one whole drawer. And all the spices are in there. And we put labels on the top. And put them in alphabetical order. And it rocks! I also have all my baking stuff in the back all in one place!

This makes my life!
Clearly I have a bit of an addiction to organization. It is OK. I can admit it. The look of the nicely organized shelves makes me smile. What about you? Do you relish everything in its place all lined up neatly? Or do you like the lived in look? I'm totally not saying my cabinets will always stay that way. But when it is all lined up like that? It makes me feel good deep down inside!