Monday, August 16, 2010

House Update

What? You are sick of seeing 5 million wedding pictures and you are just dying to see pictures of my house???? OK!

Since I haven't updated on the house!....I will go back to June.

We were finally able to start the painting project. Every single room on the inside of the house needed to be painted. Luckily one of Adam's brothers and Adam's dad are awesome painters and they love us. So they are doing a huge chunk of the work.

I walked over one day to see this! Instead of screaming (like my mom proclaimed she would have done...I ran for the camera!)

This is the "laundry room" which will end up being part laundry room and part guest room. Just wanted to remind you of the color scheme!

Now it is the "present room". But Amy and I primed all the walls to make them look nicer and more cohesive. This room needs to be gutted in the next year or so *see lack of ceiling tiles*, but we wanted to calm it down a bit so I wouldn't have to wash clothes with the crazy colors!

The dining room all painted! The one wall is a dark grey and the others are light grey. I LOVE the way it looks with the warm floors and white trim. This room will be black and white (surprise, huh?) with red accents and I am so excited about it!

Adding some trim to the baseboards and windows!

The guest room. And we will sleep here until the master bedroom is done (it was put on the back burner). I love red!

Just a quick reminder of what the barn roof looked like at this point.

The piano room (living room) getting painted. A light beige on the walls and red around the fireplace. It is a bright red. But I swear, not person. At least....I hope not.

Painting away that terrible paneling in the office!

The kitchen cabinets were painted to get rid of the ugly palm trees painted on each and every cabinet! Then Amy and I screwed 240 screws on hinges and hung each door. And it was quite the game because when they took them down? They didn't mark which one went where!

The barn roof now! The week of our wedding, we had it done. Well...the half you can see. Just don't walk on the other side of the barn. We just couldn't afford to have it all done this year. So half now.....half....when we win the lottery????

The one project that was done in July (after we got back from our honeymoon). We finished the hallway bathroom upstairs! All of the plumbing works correctly, we found a cabinet to install above the toilet to give us some storage space and even though it is at the height of a pre-schooler, we found a way to put the hand towels in the teeny tiny bathroom without getting in the way! We will be using this bathroom until ours is done.

After that until this weekend....not much was completed on the house. It was an insane July (wedding, honeymoon, Vacation Bible School, wedding in LA), but now we are back to the grindstone!

The shelves in our office all painted! I even started loading on some of my books and text books. I even went to get my series of original Nancy Drew books from my parents house to add to our collections (not on in this picture).

The awesome blinds in the piano room. We struggled about what type of window treatments to have to block the sun so we can watch TV (right across from these windows) and also keep it light and airy in there!I think we succeeded!

Just a reminder of the door that we removed!

Adam patching the inside. You would never know there was a door there!
Unless you look closely. And notice the paneling doesn't match up.
And wonder why. And ask.
Then you would know.

Why are the cabinet doors off again you ask? That is a very good question! We bought and put on 31 satin nickel knobs (satin nickel throughout the house) just to realize that the hinges were bright copper. I tried to convince myself it was fine. But I was having none of it. Something had to be done.

So one of Adam's bro's girlfriends and I UNscrewed 240 screws. And 48 hinges.

And spray painted all of them with a satin nickel spray paint.

AND....they look awesome!
And I am thrilled we did it. It will be so worth it.

But now....? We have to screw back on....48 hinges and 240 screws. Any volunteers????

So that brings us up to date with the house project. We are hoping to be living in the house in 2 weeks. Hoping. Right now we are living in my town house. Once the kitchen is done (and it is almost time to paint the walls!), it will be liveable. Well....and once it has central air. PLEASE let the central air man be able to come soon. It is one thing to live without AC and it is another to do manual labor without AC! We plan to move a little at a time over the next few weeks, so it doesn't have to be one huge move. But we shall see!