Monday, August 16, 2010

Wedding Day-The Ceremony

Hi, my name is Stephanie and I have no ability to control how many pictures I post!

So I really tried to par it down....

But this is what I came up with!

The girls and I got to the church in the limo just a bit before the ceremony started.

This is our awesome Youth Ensemble that sang for our wedding. I love choir music and they did a fantastic job! All of the songs were favorites of ours...and it turns out theirs too!

Adam waiting for me at the altar

Our 4 ring bearers. Aren't they dapper?? My cousin's son needed to be coaxed by one of my other cousins, so she got a starring role!

Our adorable flower girls. They ended up walking down completely by themselves. They were so cute!

Me and my daddy. This is the one part of the wedding I don't really remember much of. I was holding on to my dad and then started crying. I was trying so hard to not let the tears fall that I didn't even focus on Adam until close to the end of the aisle!

Exchanging our vows

Lighting our Unity Candle
It was an engraved vase with a floating candle that I decorated with ribbon to match the tapers I decorated.

Adam and I decided to serve as ministers of communion to be fully part of sharing communion with all of our guests.

The bridal party blessing us. We loved having them stand up there with us.

Not the best picture of this there is....but everyone blowing bubbles on our way out! This is another part that went way too fast for me. I was really worried about rushing back inside to get pictures done and I wish I had enjoyed this more!
Of course we took a million photos afterwards.

The groomsmen and bridesmaids

The entire bridal party including kids and usher and usherettes

I don't look happy here...but I love the way my dress is falling!

Through the limo window!

Everyone celebrating with a champagne toast in the limo!

We felt like the ceremony was one of the best parts of our entire wedding day. We both (surprisingly) felt completely comfortable and not anxious at all. We loved the music and our pastor had very personal things to say about us. I was so happy sitting next to Adam throughout the whole Mass. It was so wonderful to celebrate this special day surrounded by people we know and love. One thing we didn't expect....running out of programs because SO many people from church came to the ceremony who weren't invited to the wedding to see us get married!