Monday, August 09, 2010

Wedding Day-Getting Ready

There are so many pictures from our wonderful wedding day, I will split them up into sections. Here are the pictures of us getting ready for the ceremony. My sister slept over at my house with my the night before because she is awesome. I didn't think I needed anyone to spend the night, but I was sure glad she ended up coming!

Don't mind my messy room. I had a wedding and honeymoon I was getting ready for! This is me in the morning...getting ready to go to the hair salon!

At the hair salon. My veil was just getting put on. At first I was not interested in having a head piece, but then I saw this one with just some bling on the side and fell in love!

All of the girls with our pretty hair!

Our hair from behind-and we all still smiled!

Doing a classic self portrait photo shoot back at my parents house!

Girls getting ready in the bathroom

Eating yummy Jimmy Johns for lunch. Yum!

The girls all helped tie up the back of my corset back dress

We took pictures in the living room with all the bridesmaids, grandparents, and parents.

Me and my amazing parents!

Then we went outside and the photographer took some photos (that turned out totally awesome) on the street. But when we got back in, found my dress had gotten all dirty on the dress and the beading! We found that rubbing the dress with a towel got it out and thanks to Kristin's idea to use a Magic Eraser, we were able to get the dirt off the beading! Any future brides-make sure you remember that trick! All the girls were working on my dress at one point!

Getting ready to get into the limo!

Our awesome stretch Hummer

In the limo and ready to go to the church to get married!
You may notice the beautiful pink flowers we have. Well. The thing is. They weren't pink. They were purple. They were supposed to pink. The pink in these pictures is right on. But in real life? They were purple. And in the photographers pictures? They are purple. For some reason, all the digital pictures our friends and family took...they were pink! The flowers were amazingly beautiful. But the color really upset me....because our colors were black and white and pink. And then suddenly there were purple flowers?? But I was a good easy going bride and when they got delivered went upstairs and just casually mentioned the purple flowers to everyone. About 67 times. But didn't freak out! That was one of the most major snafus of the wedding. But it didn't hurt the amazingness of the day!