Friday, August 20, 2010

Wedding Day-The Reception!

Of course besides the love and romance of getting married, you get to top it off with an awesome party at the end of the night!

We had such a blast at our reception, I immediately start smiling at the thought of it. We seriously had fun the entire time and we feel like we truly did enjoy every second it.

Do I feel like I got to dance enough with every person? No. Do I wish I had spent a little more time seeking out some people to dance with? Yes. That is probably my main regret....not feeling like I got to spend time with everyone. But it is hard with 220 people! And the night flies by and I knew if I didn't keep dancing, I would regret it. Regardless....I danced with anyone who was out there dancing (who was most everyone!) and we had a blast!

Our black and white cake * that I designed based on a bunch of ideas I found and posted here.
*Luckily from this angle you can't see the huge tumor that was on the side of the cake. Grrrr. We are in discussions with them about it now.

Taking more pictures outside on the patio. This cracked me up! My 16 year old junior bridesmaid said to me, "Don't worry Steph...we won't drop him" and I just thought it was hilarious!

Us with the kids. Aren't they just adorable! The girls were a bit obsessed with all of our flowers! Layla was a great sport about getting in as long as her mama was too!

We came in, fist pumping and all, to "I Gotta Feeling"!

Cutting our cake. We were SO nervous about it... How do we do it? Will we know what to do? Will it be awkward?? But it went really smoothly.

The first dance with my husband!

Our head table. I just love how the black and white turned out. It makes me so happy!

My dad's speech at the beginning. It was incredibly politically charged without offending anyone. Hilarious!

The Best Man speech....he had a few things to say! And may have outed Adam that he used to eat with only plastic silverware!

Um, where did the picture of my sister go?
Well....she did an awesome job too! Made me laugh and cry!

Dancing with my dad. He kept making me cry all day!

The Bridal Party dancing to "These Are My People". I just loved having all of our people so close to us all day!

A friend from work and the Best Man having a Michael Jackson dance off. It was great!

Getting ready to throw the bouquet. We were ready to do it and my sister had disappeared and I insisted that we couldn't do it without her. Finally, she came right at the end of the song....I threw it...the flowers slipped through her fingers and right into Amy's!

Adam finding the garter!

We had a blast dancing all night like I said...but for some reason don't have a lot of pictures of that! is me dancing with my dad after my sister put my hair up. I loved my hair being down, but too much dancing made me a bit sweaty!
Our last song was Kelly Pickler's "Makin' Me Fall In Love Again" and then as a surprise the DJ had everyone gather around us and played "I Wanna Grow Old With You". It was so fun and sweet and a fantastic ending to an amazing day!
Here is the song if you don't know it (and have lived in a cave!)