Thursday, September 02, 2010

Eat Pray Love Review

I just recently finished reading Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. I hadn't really been interested in reading it, but then when the movie came out, my rule got enacted: "Always read the book before seeing the movie". So I read the book. It actually took me a little while to read the book because I just wasn't really into it. Well, parts of it I was. I probably enjoyed about 2/3 of the book. I don't really know if I would say I *liked* it or not.

Overall, I really liked her writing style and her sense of humor. Her sarcasm and irony definitely made me laugh. I enjoyed reading about her trip to Italy most. Probably because I would love to go to Italy and I agree that the ability to eat whatever you wanted every day in terms of pasta would be amazing! I also liked most of the part of Bali (Indonesia). It was India (in the middle) that got to me. Or actually didn't so much get to me. I just wasn't into the section about India. The humor and interesting stories were put aside for deep discussions about meditation. Not really something I am interested in. The theory of what she learned about meditation and her journey through meditation is interesting, but I just simply found myself bored of page after page describing her meditation sessions. That was the roughest part to get though (for a book I was reading for *pleasure*) but then Indonesia redeemed the book quite a bit!

Would I recommend this book? Sure. If it was someone who was looking for something a little more spiritual who seems like they would be interested in the meditation aspect of it. If someone was looking for a light, quick, fun, read, I probably wouldn't.

Am I glad I read it before seeing the movie? Definitely. I always am. Now I just need to add the movie to my queue so I am ready when it comes out.

Did you read this book? Did you like? What were your thoughts? Am I lame for not liking India???