Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fudgie the Evil Cat

So, I don't really have time to be posting and I'm running late.

And it has been forever. Hello blog!

But I just had to post about my morning.

Backstory is Fudgie the oh so cute cat hates me. We really just coexist sometimes. But some days she likes me and is all, "oh....Stephanie. I love you. Rub my belly. Oh. This is the best!" and then she will suddenly turn and start hissing at me. The other day she was minding her own business and so was I when she sought me out and came and hissed at me. For no reason. Stupid cat. I mean. Seriously. I have to clean up her hair from all over the house. Like I don't have anything better to do? And then she is going to hiss at me???

We don't allow her in the bedrooms because I still have a slight cat allergy and I just don't want her hair all up in the bedrooms.

Well of course that makes her want to get in the bedrooms more than anything in life. Usually she will try to mosey on in if the door is left open a crack but if you walk over there, she will run away.

Not this morning. This morning she tried to sneak in. When I walked over there instead of running AWAY, she ran IN! And then hid under the bed. And I had to go and finish getting ready for work, but she was under the bed. And wouldn't come out. Normally if you go by her, she knows she isn't supposed to be in there, so she will leave. Again...not today. She probably knew Adam was gone and that she didn't have to listen to me. Because she LOOOOVES Adam.

So there I am, crawling around on the floor of the bed trying to shoo her out with my pants first (yes, I had no pants on) and then a slipper that looks like a toucan. And all she would do is hiss at me and go to the other side under the bed.

So then I was mad.

So there I am trying to shoo her with my toucan slipper and yelling, "You are a NAUGHTY cat! You are bad! You are a bad naughty cat! Go away!".

It really makes for a fun morning.

And I think she ran out. But I can't find her now. And I shouldn't care. But I do worry about her. Even if she is Fudgie the Evil Cat.