Thursday, October 07, 2010

Depression Mentality

So I decided recently that in my past life, I must have been a housewife during the Great Depression.

Seriously. I'm not sure what it is. I have a serious problem getting rid of anything or throwing it away that I think is useable.

I keep telling myself that I need to go through my closet and collect clothes to donate. Anything I haven't worn in a year should go. Yet...? I take it off the hanger and think, "But it is perfectly fine. I could wear it this year". I need to change my attitude to one that it would be better used for someone who needs it than sitting in my closet, but I just can't help thinking that "it is perfectly fine". It feels wrong to get rid of something that doesn't have something wrong with it. I seriously have clothes from high school in my closet.

I also HATE to waste food. It makes me really crabby when there are leftovers that aren't eaten. Doesn't matter if they are from something I cooked or from a restaurant. That is perfectly good food that would make a meal. I really really get frustrated when food is wasted.

Even this week with the sugar. I opened the sugar to bake and there was only a little left in the container and it was clumpy. And I had a new bag. And I could have dumped the old stuff and put the new bag in there. But did I? Nope. I crunched up the chunks of sugar and used it. It was perfectly fine!

Another point came up today. Candy. I don't even really like candy. I rarely eat any candy, but I seem to always acquire it anyway. I will eat dark chocolate once in a while or something dark chocolate with raspberry (yum!), but most of the time, I can easily leave it. Adam, on the other hand, loves candy. So I have a basket with candy in it. But then sometimes he won't eat it for some reason. But I won't throw it away. It is perfectly fine candy. Even though I won't eat it (give me Cheetos over candy any day) and Adam isn't either....I just can't toss it. "It is perfectly fine!" Maybe someone will visit and want to eat it?

This came up again tonight when my parents, uncle and cousins came over for dinner. My cousin Elizabeth who is a senior in high school grabbed a piece of chocolate from the basket and asked "How OLD is this?" when it looked old chocolate. I responded that it wasn't THAT old and it was perfectly fine and then she started going through my basket. She promptly decided that anything from Christmas definitely needed to be tossed. And Valentines Day, "Look! There's hearts on it!" and Easter. But come on? Easter? Easter wasn't THAT long ago!

But in my heart? I know it is for the best. There is no reason to keep candy from almost a year ago that no one is eating.

So this weekend? I am going through my closet.


I hope.

I am going to try.

Elizabeth going through my candy basket
And her showing me the candy with Christmas trees on it

Does anyone else do that? Do you save stuff because "it is perfectly fine"? Or are you good at tossing? What about with clothes? It is hard!