Monday, October 18, 2010

My Cold

Ok. It is really cold in this house. Like seriously. And I have been complaining a lot about it. Especially on Facebook.

We haven't turned on the heat yet because it is like $400 a month to heat this house when it is set at 52 degrees (which doesn't do much good anyway).

And you can't just turn the heat on a little to get the chill out because it takes so long to get this old house heated up

When I complain other people are all, "Yeah, Steph. I know what you mean. My house is cold too." And I want to be all, "Oh yeah? Your cold is no where near my cold. Do you have a house built in 1886? Do you have no insulation in your outside walls? Do you have old old old windows that are drafty when you stand in front of them? Do you have a CELLAR underneath that doesn't keep the weather out? Do you? Then don't compare your cold to my cold!"

Normally I believe that people shouldn't compare because everyone has different things that are hard.

But seriously. Don't compare your house built in 1980 or your townhouse with buildings on either side to my cold old house! It just isn't the same. My house is cold.

AND...I know it isn't even COLD yet. But the nights have been cold. And I have to walk around here in a sweatshirt, gloves, and sleep with an electric blanket and space heater!

And many days it stays so cold inside even when it is warmer outside!

Crazy old house.

And my cold is worse than your cold.

So there.