Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Taking Down the Garage

When you have a really old house (say like it was built in 1886), you cannot get homeowners insurance without them inspecting the property and giving you a long list of things that have to be done. By the end of the October. So. Yeah. That is coming fast.

One of the items on the list was taking down the garage. The garage is old and useless. It was dilapidated and didn't house anything of any value. Adam, his dad, and brothers have been working on pulling out all of the junk out of it and then taking the old barnwood off the sides. (We are keeping the barnwood!).

Then this Saturday the official garage taking down happened!

Getting started on it.

The inside

Taking the barnwood off the sides

Here is the video of the garage coming down!
(Please ignore my obnoxious voice and laugh. Mental note: do not talk when you are the one videotaping!)

"Aunt Stephie! Take my picture on top of the garage!"
Right now the munchkin garage is still sitting on the foundation. But once it is gone, it will look really open there! We are saving up to try to build a real garage near the house....but we'll see when that actually happens!