Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Chicken Stealer

Last week one day I made boneless skinless chicken breasts for dinner. They were marinated and breaded. Well....they were for Adam. Not me. Because I don't eat meat. I cut each one into two pieces so they would cook faster. So there were 4 pieces of meat.

Adam took two of them and put them on his plate and we ate dinner in the living room while watching TV. I know. I know. We do usually eat dinner while watching TV. It is our only time to watch our shows! When we have kids though? We shall eat dinner in the dining room or kitchen without the TV on. That was always the rule in my house growing up and I think it is a really good rule and prompts family time and conversation. But for now? We watch our shows.


When dinner was over, we went back into the kitchen to clean up. I looked in the pan and saw only one little piece of chicken. Where was the bigger piece?

"Did you eat three pieces", I asked. Adam said that he didn't think so, but then figured that he must have. Maybe two small pieces were stuck together and he didn't realize it?

So there we were looking quite perplexed.

And then we saw it.

Right there on the dining room floor.

The chicken!

That stupid cat climbed on the COUNTER (where I HATE her to be). Stole the chicken. Climbed down. Walked into the dining room. And was eating our chicken.

So Adam went to go find her. And then I yelled at her and she jumped down. And then I chased her around the house screaming at her.

It definitely helped.

Her or me? Probably me.

But we have not so much been getting along ever since.

AND we had to move our garbage can so it is not so easy for her to jump up on the counter. So now? It is totally INCONVENIENT for ME to throw things out in the kitchen.

I am not a good pet owner.

I like other people's animals. A lot. At their house.

Not mine.