Thursday, November 11, 2010

Christmas Card Planning

I usually start thinking about Christmas cards in the summer. My mom and I pick a day and work on our design inspiration so we are all ready to go and ahead. Well, maybe that happened 1 or 2 years. Other times it was totally last minute. But in recent years, I was totally ahead of the game.

But this summer?

I was a just a bit busy.

So there was definitely no Christmas card planning.

But this Saturday will be it! I am going to figure out OUR Christmas cards (so exciting to say!). I want to design our card because that is what we always do, but I also want to include a photo somehow of our wedding...because I think that would be fun!

I was looking on Shutterfly and I'm thinking that I really like the 5x5 cards because they would fit nicer inside another homemade card. But I'm sure I could work with the 4 x 8 cards too!

I love how this one says "Joy" at the top. We could include 4 pictures from our wedding and a brief update at the bottom. I like the idea of including a little note about our year with the card.

This one also gives the opportunity write a couple little blurbs about the pictures. I really like the snowflakes on the black too!

And obviously this one strikes my fancy because it is black and white! Couldn't get much more perfect to go with a wedding picture than a black and white card!
So many choices! But I love all of the options to be able to include a cute and creative photo along with a homemade Christmas card. After Saturday I'll definitely have more of an idea about what I am going to do!

And bloggers, you can get 50 free photo cards too! Just click here to get the info!