Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Decorating My House

So we have been working like crazy to try to get our house feeling like a home. A couple of weeks ago my parents came over to help us do just that. People had been asking me, "Does it feel like home yet?" and I kept saying, "Not yet....probably will soon". I hadn't figured out what would make it feel like home. I thought time would help.

But after we got "stuff" up on the walls? It totally felt like home.

It was really amazing what a difference it made. We spent about 6 hours that day hanging and planning. Since then we have been slowing doing other things to make it feel more like home. Clearing off shelves. Unpacking boxes. Making it out own.

The Dining Room

The foyer from the dining room

The Foyer from the front door

The Living Room

The Living Room

The Living Room

More of the Living Room

"Stuff" on the shelves

Oops! Oh well. Too late.
You've seen it now.
The catch-all room.

The room that has virtually not been touched, except for the closet, is our master bedroom. We have a comforter set we bought about a year ago. And one coat of paint. But the paper is still on the floor, it needs to be painted, the bathroom needs to be completely done, and we need a bed and furniture. We have saved some money from our wedding for furniture when we get to that point. Right now we are sleeping on my full bed from college and a refinished dresser that was my mom's when she was a child!

I love looking at bedroom furniture.

I like dark wood.

I like more modern looking stuff with clean lines.

Then I saw some of these upholstered headboards!

I had never thought about an upholstered headboards before now. CSN Stores contacted me about doing a review for them after looking through their 200+ stores (trust me, I was on there forever!) I discovered THIS headboard. It wouldn't go in our room that we have planned. But seriously? I love me some red. I keep going back to that one!

Excuse me....I have to finish blogging so I can go back to CSN Stores and check out more stuff. There's like every category possible. Seriously.

I wrote this post in anticipation of an upcoming review post for CSN Stores.