Monday, November 01, 2010

Fall Gardening

We didn't have time this summer to do any gardening, but this fall we have made some time!

The biggest project was the Black Walnut tree next to the house. Adam and his brothers and his dad had been spending a lot of time telling me how useless Black Walnut trees are. They explained that they are toxic to the soil, the walnuts are disastrous, and it is just overall a terrible tree. I don't really like to get rid of trees, so I fought it for quite a while. But then as my tree was parked underneath it and got covered in grossness from the tree and I have to trip over the walnuts on the way to work....I finally agreed to let it go.

Adam and his brothers had at it and with the neighbors help, they notched the tree and took it right down. The stump is still there. And probably will be for a while. Do you see those roots???

The bad part of having the tree taken down. Adam found out about a week later that it was worth a ton of money.


Nice. Huh?

Toxic and terrible and useless. Huh?

Anyway, we learned that Black Walnut trees are a hot commodity. So if you have a Black Walnut tree? Don't let your husband and his brothers convince you that it needs to come down!

Do you know what else comes with fall? Millions and millions and millions of leaves. The property is covered in them. So I thought you needed a picture.

Two weekends ago I spent some time planting fall mums and some spring bulbs. I love to have pretty plants, but we have so much work to do to get the house ready to be landscaped that there isn't too much we can do now. We have a lot that needs to be torn up and soil put down. We aren't in a position to do it yet this fall. But we had a spot in front of the house where I cut down some of the bushes that I thought would work for some mums and bulbs. I am so excited that we have some pretty color now! And we will have other color in the spring!

With lots of advice from Amy I figured out where to plant the mums and bulbs, how to use peat moss, and what else to do to lay them all out. Hopefully they are pretty in the spring!